Transitioning to HTML5 Games Ads boosts revenue and enhances user experience for digital card-game developer


Based in Iceland, is dedicated to creating simple yet engaging card games for users on mobile and online platforms. Their platform caters primarily to individuals who prefer straightforward gaming experiences, and they pride themselves on offering a hassle-free experience with minimal disruptions. The aesthetics of games resemble the classic games played on desktops, with non-intrusive ads.'s primary source of revenue is derived from monetizing their card games on various online and app platforms. They were looking for a sophisticated and customizable solution to offer a more refined and engaging user experience and to grow their revenue stream.

Integrating HTML5 Games Interstitial Ads enabled the right ad experience for users teamed up with Google to adopt H5 Games Ads, Google’s solution for placing ads within HTML5 (H5) games.

They adopted the H5 Games Ad Placement API across all their domains to ensure that they could offer a tailored experience with limited disruptions and better gameplay. The newly introduced in-game interstitial ads were especially effective. This new format not only improved user experience but also boosted engagement, taking advantage of the immersive in-game environment. Unlike before, developers could now set frequency caps based on user behavior, optimizing results. This integration provided with additional revenue opportunities while helping them achieve their goal of creating a superior user experience.

“With the switch to H5 Games Ads our eCPM more than tripled compared to the previous year.” says Karen Olga Arsaelsdottir, CEO of In addition to substantial revenue growth,’s users enjoyed a more sophisticated and personalized gaming experience. is a great example of how a passion project can evolve into a full time profitable business by strategically partnering with Google AdSense, and how finding the right ad experience for users can pay off.