Next-level in-game ads

H5 Games Ads are designed to drive revenue without compromising your creations or the user experience. Getting started, going live, and earning is plug and play.

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With the switch to H5 Games Ads our eCPM more than tripled compared to the previous year.

— Karen Olga Ársælsdóttir, CEO of Cardgames.io1

Make it your own

You’re always in control of when and where ads appear in your game. You can place them at natural breaks in the action – like the end of a game, in between levels, or during loading.

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Learn how

Optimize your earnings

Formats like Interstitials and Rewarded ads are a great opportunity to earn even more. H5 Games also seamlessly integrate with AdSense for Platforms, offering technology partners working with multiple game developers dynamic, two-way revenue shares.

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Maintain a great experience

H5 Games Ads are built with a new Ad Placement API that seamlessly serves an ad experience that's best for game moments like loading, paused, or offering a reward.

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Got questions? We’ve got answers

Where will my ads appear?

You can choose when and where your in-game ads appear. For example, it can be a natural moment in the game when users can redeem a reward (Rewarded ads), or you can run interstitials while players wait to respawn, or before getting to the next level. It’s entirely up to you.

Does H5 Games Ads work cross-platform?

Yes, you can embed your game into a web page directly, as well as iFrame your game into a different site. You can also use app integration with AdMob to monetize your game with app ads when your H5 game is hosted in the webview of a mobile app (Android support only).

What are the different ad formats that are available?

You can choose premium, high-performing formats like interstitials and Rewarded ads that can help boost earnings. These ads will show full-screen at natural breaks in your game, or give users a reward for interacting.

Who is eligible to participate in the H5 Game Ads Beta?

Any publisher that owns an H5 games website is eligible to apply, as long as the Advertising and AdSense Program Policies are adhered to. These include but are not restricted to Copyrights, Replicated Content, More ads or paid promotional material than publisher-content, Ad Placement Policies, Inappropriate content and Misrepresentation. Google reserves the right to approve or disapprove the participation of any publisher at any given time.

1. Publisher results for 2023. Individual results may vary